Should You Send 'Save The Dates'

Sending ‘Save The Dates'' are most certainly becoming more popular in the planning process of a wedding. It is also a topic that divides brides to be, some brides believe that sending a 'Save The Date' is essential, others think this it is a waste of money.

Here at Drenagh House Estate, we have a few pointers to help you along when deciding to send 'Save The Dates':


  • It announces your engagement, for those family members who don't have Facebook or Instagram, they may find out a little later than the ones who are on social media so it is nice to keep them up to speed also.
  • As many of our brides travel from all over the world to get married at Drenagh House Estate such as New York, Las Vegas, Canada, sending a 'Save The Date' is a good way of giving your guests some extra notice especially if they have to travel a long distance to attend the wedding. 
  • You can use ‘Save The Dates' to introduce your wedding theme or keep it plain if you want this to remain a surprise or simply if have not made up your mind on your wedding theme just yet.
  • ‘Save The Dates' allow your family and friends to book nearby hotels if they plan to stay overnight at the wedding as sometimes this can prove difficult when left too close to the actual date.
  • Sending ‘Save The Dates’ will allow your friends and family to know sooner about your wedding and there is more of a chance they can book this time off work and not make holiday arrangements or other commitments around this time.
  • Of course sending ‘Save The Dates’ is not everyone's cup of tea, if your dream wedding is a more intimate setting with just a few friends and family members, you may feel there is no need to send 'Save The Dates' as a personal visit, text or email will result in the same outcome and cost a lot less.